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  • The Ship has No Captain
    The United States is a ship without a captain. President biden has proven he can not lead the nation, and Harris has shown she would rather flee to a foreign nation than to address the issues at home. How much longer until biden is either removed, or forced to step down. I seriously doubt he […]
  • Johnson and Johnson booster shot for covid
    Recap - We have two weeks to stop the spread of covid; we have to extend the lockdowns to stop the spread of covid; if everyone will social distance and wear a mask we can stop the spread of covid; the only way to stop covid is if we all get vaccinated; the only way […]
  • Tube Bait Trick for Crappie
    I may have to try this crappie tube trick next time I go crappie fishing. The guy took the tube, and cut all but three of the fingers off the back of the tube. I am going to guess this makes the fingers off the back of the crappie tube move more. it may be […]
  • Women Have Unrealistic Standards for Men
    Why do women have unrealistic standards for men? When my exwife and I were going through a divorce I remember her saying "I deserve better than you." I asked her something along the lines of what is that suppose to mean? If you treat a woman like she is your world, your universe, what standard […]
  • Storing your boat through the off season
    How do you store your boat in the off season? Some people say there is no such thing as an off season for fishing. Then again, not everyone has the luxury of living in areas where waterways do not freeze over in the winter. Some areas, such as Florida and the southern portions of the […]

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