Storing your boat through the off season


Staff member
How do you store your boat in the off season? Some people say there is no such thing as an off season for fishing. Then again, not everyone has the luxury of living in areas where waterways do not freeze over in the winter. Some areas, such as Florida and the southern portions of the United States can have mild winters, so a great number of people fish year round in those areas.

Some people typically fish in the spring, summer and into the fall, then shift gears and hunt through the late fall and through winter. I typically fish from spring through fall, but do not fish in the wintertime. This is probably bad practice, but I do not do anything special for the engine while it is put up through the winter. I thought about getting some kind of engine fogger and running it through the motor before putting it up for winter, but the engine is around 25 years old and still running strong.

This video I found on youtube talks about some good tips for storing your boat.