Scouting Public Hunting Lands on The Neches River Near Jasper Texas


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Looking for a hunting spot on public hunting lands near Jasper Texas off the Neches River. The Neches River starts north of Jacksonville Texas and in one of the longest rivers in the state of Texas and is an estimated 416 miles long. All along the Neches river are areas of public hunting lands that offer some excellent hunting for those who are willing to take the time to scout the area.

Several months ago my son and I were scouting an area of public hunting land off the Neches river when we found this beautiful area of oak trees, but open enough for grass and weeds to grow. The combination of grass, weeds and acorns provide excellent browsing for deer and wild pigs. On Sunday September 19. 2021 I made my way back into the area we found to do some more scouting. I found lots of deer and pig tracks, along with some well worn wildlife trails.

On the way back to the boat I found an excellent camping spot that is a couple of hundred yards from the hunting area. The plan is to get back in there in a couple of weeks and look around some more. There is a slough that runs through the area that I would like to know where it comes out at.