Government not being honest about covid or the vaccine


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I feel we are being lied to about vaccines are not stopping the spread of the virus. Symptoms may be reduced, and they may keep you out of the hospital, but the vaccines are not going to stop the spread. My wife and I are both vaccinated, and we both tested positive on Tuesday August 10th. We both limit how much we go to the store, do curbside grocery pick up, never go out to eat, and somehow we both contracted covid at the same time.

So far the symptoms are not that bad, just a low grade fever, bad cough, sore throat... kinda like the flu. the cough is the worst.

What's going to happen is the strains of the virus that can bypass the vaccines will mutate and probably become more infectious. That is probably how we got Delta.

I get sick and tired of people saying "get the vaccine" as if its going to stop the spread of the virus and life get back to normal as vaccines are not going to stop the spread. Vaccines will probably save lives, but we are losing the war. I honestly do not know how we are going to stop this virus as it mutates so fast.

Why is the government lying to us? Main stream media has been saying the only way to stop covid is to get the vaccine.... why? The vaccine is not stopping the spread of the covid Delta. At this point its just helping prevent people from dying. Maybe the government has no clue what to do and it is just grasping at straws because it has nothing else? There are so many questions that we may not have answers for until years down the road.

My main concern is the virus mutating into something more deadly faster than we can get a vaccine out to the people. When the vaccines came out everyone knew they were nowhere close to perfect, but with mask and social distancing we were suppose to be able to beat covid. I just do not see any of that working. The game has changed since the covid of 2020 as more kids are getting infected with Delta than they did in 2020, more young people are going to the hospital, and delta is getting around the vaccine.